When Difficult Times Lead to Positive Change

At a certain point in his life, Fuad was going through a stressful time. He found himself having difficulties with his university studies, family and friends and questioning a lot of things in his life. While most people would seek solace in TV, movies or other passive distractions, Fuad’s solution was to get active and turn all the negative energy he was feeling into positive change. This is when Fuad heard about the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and decided to volunteer there.
Fuad became involved with KHCF in late 2010, when KHCF was preparing for its participation in the 2nd Amman International Marathon to raise funds and spread awareness about the fight against cancer. Fuad threw himself into the work and right before the marathon, he worked 11-12 hours a day helping put together packages for the marathon participants. Even when KHCF staff told him he should take a break, Fuad didn’t want to leave. The work was not only a welcome distraction from the stress in his life, it was also therapeutic.
After a hectic week of volunteering, Fuad decided to resolve some issues with his parents. His mother was delighted at his change of attitude. Seeing how volunteering at KHCF was having such a positive effect on her son, she encouraged him to continue volunteering there. From then on, Fuad became a regular volunteer with KHCF. “When I help someone in need, I feel happier and more at ease. It’s a win-win situation.
The turning point in Fuad’s life came in late 2011 when he traveled to Dynamo Camp, a camp especially designed for children recovering from cancer treatment, in Italy. “The whole experience changed me.”
Upon going on the trip, Fuad discovered how much he truly enjoyed the company of children and how much they enjoyed his. He was proud and humbled to realize how much the children looked up to him as a positive role model. “I loved knowing that I had made a difference in their lives. It also made a difference to mine as well. Taking part in Dynamo Camp taught me a lot about responsibility, patience, tolerance and self-awareness.”
Volunteering and working for a bigger cause helped Fuad discover his love for giving, but being around cancer patients and cancer survivors also made him realize how they experience life in a different way. “I learned something very important from them: how to really live in the moment and appreciate life more.”
Today, Fuad is 24 years old and works as an architect. Spurred by his volunteering experience, he continues to always seek positive change in his life. “Volunteering was almost a spiritual experience for me. When you do something you love, it reflects positively on all aspects of your life.”