About the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center

Cancer does not discriminate.

To The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, that reality hit home hard when, in 1999, this small Kingdom’s beloved monarch, His late Majesty King Hussein bin Talal, succumbed to cancer. The shock of this tragic loss rippled across the world, transcending all boundaries. A sobering fact emerged from this immense loss: adequate cancer care in the Middle East and North Africa was all but non-existent, with only the privileged few able to bear the expenses of their plight and travel abroad for treatment and cancer care. 

The King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center (KHCF & KHCC) were born out of a tragic loss for Jordan to provide care for a growing number of cancer cases crippling families physically, mentally and financially. Founded by Royal Decree as an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit institution, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation evolved into the largest community-based organization in Jordan dedicated to combating cancer. While being part of the global fight against cancer, the King Hussein Cancer Center serves as a beacon of hope to thousands and is committed to providing high-quality comprehensive, life-saving cancer care to patients from across the region.  

In 2007, KHCC received accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI) as a disease-specific medical center becoming the first ever outside the United States – and the only center in the developing world – to earn this status.

With limited natural resources, Jordan’s greatest asset has always been the ingenuity and fortitude of its people. With the establishment of the KHCC, the Kingdom’s medical brain drain was reversed and many in the medical field returned to Jordan to help establish what is now considered a world-class medical facility. From its original staff of two to the opening of the expanded state of the art facilities in 2017, KHCC's capacity has more than doubled, allowing the Center to treat approximately 7,000 new cancer cases each year, with 14,000 inpatient admissions and 250,000 outpatient visits while employing more than 330 oncologists and consultants and over 1,000 oncology nurses.  

As the King Hussein Cancer Foundation marches forward with cancer awareness programs on both a regional and global scale, recent events in the region have brought in an influx of refugees and displaced, vulnerable families, many of whom have sought cancer treatment at the KHCC.  

With nearly two decades of purposeful pursuit behind the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center, we know that their mission has only just begun as a critical lifeline for patients throughout Jordan and the region. As the only comprehensive, internationally accredited, stand-alone cancer center in the Middle East, the King Hussein Cancer Center continues to serve as a global leader in the global fight against cancer.


The King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) is one of the most comprehensive cancer care facilities in the Middle East, providing life-saving treatment and care to both adult and pediatric patients. KHCC is also responsible for all cancer care and research efforts supporting the treatment of present and future patients.


As the largest community-based organization in Jordan dedicated to the combatting cancer, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) remains at the forefront of fundraising, advocacy, and development efforts in support of the King Hussein Cancer Center in a global endeavour to fight this immutable disease.

At KHCF, an institution-wide effort has been the hallmark of our pursuit of comprehensive cancer treatment options. Their work focuses on the following key areas:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Advocacy and Outreach
  3. Supporting Patients
  4. Cancer Care Coverage Program
  5. Prevention, Awareness and Early Detection