The King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center remains committed to filling regional gaps in cancer care

“Lebanon is currently facing an extreme economic and financial crisis, including unprecedented inflation and devaluation of the Lebanese currency. Basic goods and services like food, internet and electricity have become unaffordable to large swaths of the population, and lack of foreign currency is an additional obstacle, preventing importers from paying foreign suppliers. Together, these conditions have resulted in severe medication shortages in many hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare institutions, devastating the country’s health sector, especially cancer care. A financially demanding illness in the best of times, cancer treatment is no longer affordable nor available to most people in Lebanon, and in far too many cases, cancer patients are being denied life-saving treatment. The consequences are deadly, because with cancer, intermittent or delayed treatment can cause otherwise curable cases to become fatal. There is no time to waste: cancer patients in Lebanon need immediate help.

Since 2020, in line with its mission to serve as a regional leader in the fight against cancer, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center have donated over USD 2.87 million in medication and supplies to its partner hospitals in Lebanon, to ensure the continued treatment of cancer patients across the country. consider supporting these life-saving efforts by donating today!”