Ms. Nisreen Qatamish
Board Member

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in the Management of Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Jordan, Nisreen Qatamish went on to build a robust career dedicated to improving healthcare access and awareness throughout the MENA region and worldwide. She is a well-known fixture of the region’s healthcare sector, and has long served as a trainer and consultant for the industry.

Since joining the King Hussein Cancer Foundation in 2008, Ms. Qatamish has been an integral part of the KHCF team, particularly in her work for the Jordan Breast Cancer Program, which she currently oversees. Her five-year strategy for fighting breast cancer has taken a holistic approach to the issue, including intensive local advocacy, wide-reaching awareness campaigns, and dedicated community outreach.

In 2016, she was appointed KHCF’s Director General, in which capacity she oversees the foundation’s fundraising efforts, drives numerous global advocacy programs, raises awareness about early detection and prevention strategies, and works to support patients through improved cancer coverage and treatment.

Along with Ms. Qatamish’s extraordinary efforts in the fight against cancer, she is also a well-known advocate for gender equality and tobacco control.